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NMY645E, BEA45 or RMA22

Back in 1966/67, British European Airways placed an order for 65 new Route Masters for use in its airport bus services between the West London Air Terminal and Heathrow Airport geared for 70 mph running on the M4 Motorway.

One of those vehicles was NMY645E, BEA45 or RMA22, which went on to work for London Transport amongst others before crossing the sea to Ireland in 1995 to be known as 67 KK 501 and used for sightseeing tours.

BEA 45 in its original colours

In British Airways livery befor leaving the UK

In use in Ireland for sightseeing for JJ Kavanagh

Time moves on and the last 15 years has seen it sat quietly in the corner of a yard, no longer in day to day service, watching on hopefully as other buses and coaches come and go around it.

However, every cloud has a silver lining as the yard it was sat in the corner of (as shown in the photograph) belogned to no other than the new owners of Mullanys Coaches, J J Kavanagh & Sons Ltd.

JJ Kavanaghs yard

To that end the decision was made that there was only one place it should be and arrangements began to bring it home.

The ignition was turned on and the starter lever was pulled and...... the engine started!

2018 has seen a long wait for the winter weather to finally pass before it commences its long journey back to London and hopefully restoration to its former glory.

67 KK 501 in JJK yard